Getting you back to work

TMJ Pain Relief

An injury on the job should not get in the way of your ability to perform daily work tasks or enjoy your life outside of work! Our experienced physical therapists will take inventory of your specific work duties and pinpoint your current limitations in order to effectively get you back to work at your optimal level of function.

For those employed in a more physically demanding profession, our work conditioning program can help bridge the gap between physical therapy and return to full-duty work. This truly unique program is designed to closely simulate your work environment and aims to increase strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance in a safe and controlled environment.

Client Testimonial

I am a store manager and when I reached for an item on a higher shelf felt a burning sensation in my right arm and then it went numb. I found out that my ulnar nerve was damaged. I was devastated to find out that I needed surgery. I went to Health In Balance PT and they were able to get me back in shape with my arm in 8 weeks. It was a little rough at times but my determination and their help, I am glad to say I am back to normal with my arm. I give my therapist all my thanks for helping me.

TMS, Patient