Upper Extremity Injuries

Whether caused by recreational activities or repetitive daily tasks, upper extremity injuries can be problematic. Health In Balance Physical Therapy treats everything from minor sprains or strains and tendinitis, to more severe fractures and overuse injuries. Beyond just treating the symptoms, however, our experienced therapists are particularly skilled at identifying the cause of your discomfort. By identifying the cause of your problem we can help assist you in making lifestyle changes that may be contributing to your diagnosis. This allows us to treat the problem at its source for more lasting results. Often, conservative care through physical therapy can prevent surgery, especially for carpal tunnel syndrome and rotator cuff pain. At Health In Balance Physical Therapy, we use the most advanced manual techniques and treatments to restore flexibility, joint mobility, and strength-helping you effectively and efficiently back to normal. If you're looking to return to work or recreational activities, or simply perform daily tasks without pain, Health In Balance Physical Therapy has the tools available to help you achieve your goals.

Client Testimonial

With aggressive and progressive PT delivered with complete care and knowledge, I was able to avoid the use of the Dyna-splint and surgery which my doctor was so sure I needed to get full range of motion back in my left elbow. Thanks to my therapist for bringing me back to being confidently functional from the worst injury of my lifetime.

HS, Patient