Spinal Injuries

A healthy spine is vital in allowing you to move and function normally. At Health In Balance, we carefully evaluate not only your spine, but also the structures surrounding your spine that affect how you move. We analyze your posture, flexibility, strength, and the appropriate muscles and joints surrounding your spine to pinpoint any deficits that may be contributing to your pain.

Our therapists are skilled in numerous manual techniques and exercise interventions to get you feeling better quickly. In addition, you will learn safe and efficient ways to lift, carry, stand, and move to eliminate symptoms and protect your spine for years to come. Whether you’re struggling with an acute injury or chronic back or neck pain, our experienced therapists can get you moving without pain.

Client Testimonial

Due to Health In Balance Physical Therapy my posture improved, stability increased, and strength returned to my back and legs. My therapist explained the function of each exercise, why it was needed, and how to do it correctly, always stressing body mechanics too. I am so grateful for my therapists patience, friendliness, and understanding. I looked forward to each session.

JS, Patient