Fit by a Physical Therapist – Casting and fitting is performed by licensed physical therapists who have been formally trained. Physical therapists are uniquely qualified for this task due to their expertise in the musculoskeletal system, gait mechanics and movement dysfunction.

Whole Body Approach – The physical therapist will complete a comprehensive evaluation taking into account the individual’s complaints, activity level and goals to choose the best option.

Cost effective – Competitive pricing for custom orthotics. Over the counter options are also available with the same skilled advice.

Convenient – fitting can be performed by any of our skilled physical therapists, so patients can get in quickly for an appointment that works for their schedule.

Client Testimonial

Before physical therapy at Health In Balance PT I felt like I had to learn to walk all over again. I have learned the value of stretching in order to perform certain exercises and movements. I have a better feel for the role of balance in my day to day movements and activities. I value the knowledge I have gained by going through this process and will continue to practice what I have learned in my daily life.

LP, Patient