The importance of personalized footwear

Gait Analysis

Health In Balance Physical Therapy offers video gait analysis and shoe recommendations to aid rehabilitation and prevent injury. Being fit with the proper footwear is an important step to minimize injury, maximize performance, and help achieve an active and healthy lifestyle. Whether you are a competitive or recreational runner, or walker, gait analysis can help you achieve your goals.

Personal fitting services include:

  • Review of history and current injuries
  • Discussion of health & fitness goals
  • Postural Assessment
  • Treadmill gait analysis using digital video
  • Footwear recommendations

Client Testimonial

I came to work with Health In Balance PT early September, experiencing hip pain and a resultant limp. As a result of various exercises and stretches, the hip pain is completely gone. We continued to work on the IT band and the pain is greatly decreased. As I continued with the exercises, all pain has lessened considerably. Even morning get-up stiffness as completely gone, which is an unexpected bonus.

CK, Patient